Congratulations Lewis Orr

Congratulations Lewis Orr who completed his first solo on G-UFCN

Congratulations Martin Kift

Club member Martin Kift pictured in the cockpit of Thruster G CGFZ immediately after passing his GST on Monday 7th March.


First Solo for Matthew

Congratulations Matthew McClune who completed his first solo today!

Pi(e) in the Sky - An introduction to PilotAware

Thanks to Ray McKeown, Ray Pyper and Mike McCrudden for a great presentation and discussion about Squawks, Squitters and how to avoid mid-air collisions with the help of PilotAware and a Raspberry Pi. Around 30 members/pilots/nerds attended!

Not only did Ray give an excellent presentation on PilotAware but also gave us all a refresher course on radar, transponders and the future of these systems.

Thanks also to Rodney for opening up and locking the clubhouse after hours.

We hope to have more evenings like this in the future so if you have any ideas for future presentations or discussions please leave a comment in the forum.

PPL pass for Scott

Congratulations to Scott Megarry who successfully passed his skills test today in G-UFCE.

Pictured with examiner Roger McConnell. Well done!

First solo for Ryan

Congratulations to  Ryan McAvoy on his first Solo flight on 16/1/2016 in G CGFZ. Even in this cold weather its still possible to get up flying.

First solo for David Carlisle

Congratulations are due to David Carlisle who few his first Solo flight in G CGFZ  after only 13 hours flight training.

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