First solo for Zach

Well done Zach Scott on his first solo today at the Ulster flying club being congratulated by Declan Fogarty, Vice Chairman UFC

Summer 2013 Fly In

Ulster Flying Club has arranged 3 Fly Ins for Summer 2013 due to the success of our one last We would like to invite all pilots and microlights around Ireland and the UK to come and visit EGAD,

Newtownards. Landing Fees will be waived throughout the day and we have AVGAS & JETA1 available. Runway lighting is available for those who wish to arrive early or depart late. Cloud Nine restaurant will be open with the possibility of an outside BBQ. Parking is available for those wishing to stay overnight. Assistance is available to source local accommodation for anyone wishing to stay overnight

Sunday 16th June 2013

Sunday 14 July 2013

Sunday 18th August 2013

To Book in, please contact the club and we look forward to seeing you then! Any Members of the Ulster Flying Club wishing to volunteer to assist ground staff on any of these dates, please contact the office.

Full Cessna Fleet

All three Cessna C172 are fully servicable just in time for our Summer, hopefully it's on the way.
As usual booking can me made via the office and evening flying for PPLs will be facilitated where possible

BBC One and UFC

Hi there,

My name is Jane Gillow and I’m a Researcher for BBC1’s The One Show.

We’re currently developing new ideas for One Show films for 2014/15 and we’re very interested in looking at flying clubs as we think they must attract people from all walks of life and are full of potential for great human interest stories.

I was wondering, would you mind putting some feelers out amongst your members to see what stories are out there with a view to turning this into a series of short documentary-style films for The One Show?

Some areas we are interested in are:


· The interesting and surprising places the aircraft are flown to

· Stories of bravery, camaraderie, friendship and teamwork

· Big characters in your club

· Enthusiasts of aerial photography who go out to capture landmarks or incredible views

· Someone with an interest in birds who goes out to capture a kestrel or other bird

· Someone who has been caught up in a dramatic situation while flying their aircraft – maybe they were involved in a rescue of some sort

· Firsts – if you were the first flying club to achieve something we would love to hear about it

· Unusual things that are transported via the aircraft

· Famous people who have a passion for microlights and other small aircraft

· Any big events or happenings planned for 2014 and 2015 that we could cover

Any info you could send me would be gratefully received. We would like to get some stories in by early next week if possible so it would be much appreciated if someone could look into this for me as soon as possible.

Many thanks,


Jane Gillow



| T. 02890 338029| M: 07980 305 707 |E. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Blackstaff House, 62-66 Great Victoria Street, Belfast, BT2 7BZ


GAR online from AOPA website

From the 8th April 2013 you can submit your GAR on line.

The page to start is .......and I highly recommend the HELP button which has been written for folk who didn't understand it and needed help (unlike most online help !).

All the frustrations of the old paper form are gone ....and the system tells all the correct forces and agencies you don't have to know who needs it.

You get an e-mailed receipt you know they have it ...and the enclosed code in the e-mail is your proof of sending.

Sounds too good to be true !

First sad bit  ...we still need to give 12 hours notice for the Republic (outbound and Return) ....but they are working on it.    Only 4 hours if returning from other EU countries and no requirement if departing to other EU countries.

Second sad bit ... no iPhone/iPad APP just yet ..but it's coming.

IMPORTANT ..... What is in bound and What isn't

To avoid you spending a couple of hours finding out .... flying out of NI to GB is actually filled in on the RIGHT side of the page (inbound)  ... this would be the return journey for GB based pilots.      Which means the LEFT hand side of the page is for your return journey....or an outbound leg from GB airspace.      The system is happy with this and doesn't get upset about you leaving before you got there!


New reduced weekday rates

The new off-peak (Mon-Fri) rates for PPL holders with gold membership are now available. They are:

£95 per hour for Tecnam P2002 (£120 is standard gold rate)

£125 per hour for Cessna 172 (£155 is standard gold rate)

Hour building rates are still available at weekends (requires 20 hours pre-paid).

These new rates are also available on weekday evenings. If you require an aircraft out of hours please contact the office. We will arrange to leave an aircraft outside for you. To do this you must have current gold membership and recency on the aircraft you've requested.

When you've finished just pop the keys in the letterbox and you can sort out the bill  the next day

5% Discount at Pooleys

Pooleys are offering 5% discount to members of the Ulster Flying Club who make a purchase on their website Simply enter the promotional code ulster001 when you checkout and you will automatically get a 5% discount.

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