Below is a list of our prices. These are subject to change without notice.
Please contact the office if you require something that is not listed.

Club Membership

Student (Age 14-17)






Senior Pilot


Life (over 60s)


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Aircraft Rates

PPL Hire


Cessna C152



Cessna C152  – Weekdays



Cessna C172



Cessna C172 – Weekdays



Minimum Rental Charges



Aircraft booked for a Half Day

1 Hour

2 Hours

Aircraft booked for a Full Day

2 Hours

3 Hours

Weekend charge applies during Bank Holidays / Busy Periods.

Service Charges

Late Cancellation (less than 24 notice)


No Show Fee


PPL Ground Exam


Flight Simulator (per hour)


PPL Flight Skills Test


PPL Revalidation

IMC Lesson



IMC Flight Skills Test


IMC Revalidation


Landing Fees



Single Engine Aircraft less than 2500kgs


Twin Engine Aircraft less than 2500kgs


Aircraft over 2500kgs MTOW


Commercial Operations / Handling

Call to discuss needs

Parking Fees

Outside – Microlight / Single Engine


Outside – Twin Engine


Hangared – Microlight / Single Engine


Hangared – Twin Engine


Aircraft over 2500kgs MTOW

Call to discuss needs

Out of Hours

Runway Lighting


RFFS Fire Cover